N°3 was born with the aim of uniting the world of food & beverage with that of yachting.

A new, unique format of cocktail bar with restaurant open to the public where elegance and experience create a perfect union with the world of luxury boating.

The format is completed by a reserved lounge representing the Tureddi group, with the aim of making every client of the construction site feel pampered and at home.

In each lounge there is a brokerage figure who will represent the dealership of the Tureddi range, thus eliminating the need to connect to brokerage companies.

Conceived with the aim of seamlessly blending the realms of socialization and engagement with delights, this innovative establishment introduces an exclusive cocktail bar and publicly accessible restaurant. Here, sophistication and experiential pleasure converge harmoniously, underlining the rich heritage of luxury yachting.

The Restaurant

A culinary journey inspired by the best Italian gastronomy, characterized by a selection of authentic ingredients and dishes, with an essence of luxury.

The Bar

The extensive wine and champagne list meets carefully selected draft beers, ales and stouts. Delight in our signature cocktails, each crafted with precision and premium ingredients. Whether you prefer the effervescence of champagne, the complexity of wines, the robustness of draft beers or the creativity of cocktails, our bar guarantees a diverse and satisfying range of options for every palate.

N°3 London


N°3 Viareggio

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