President of CNT GROUP S.P.A.

Alessandro Tureddi

The sea is a reason for living, who was born on the seashore cannot do without it.
It is a passion that you carry inside and that always accompanies you, in every place. Even in the mountains you will take a moment to look for the sea.

For those who, like me, were born in Viareggio the sea is always combined with a shipyard.
It is in Viareggio that the Barcobestia were born and it is in Viareggio that there are the largest shipyards. Boating, like the sea, is part of Viareggio and the Viareggini.

Since I was a child I have been immersed in this world thanks to my father Andrea and from passion it has become a challenge, a reason for living, to continue a tradition that constitutes the essence of the city.

Our products are built like this, one challenge after another, thanks to a close-knit team led by the same passion: THE SEA.

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